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Le nouveau chef de l’État, Mohammed Ben Abbes, nomme François Bayrou Premier ministre

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

"Réaction de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen à l'attentat islamiste de Nice"

"Ce gouvernement n’a aucun respect du devoir de mémoire"

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Le Pen meets Putin ahead of French presidential election

President Vladimir Putin granted an audience to French far-right party leader Marine Le Pen in the Kremlin on Friday, bestowing a level of international recognition that has so far eluded her in the countdown to France’s presidential election.

US warns against travel to French Guiana amid social unrest

Large protests have spread throughout French Guiana, blocking roads to neighbouring Brazil and Suriname, prompting the US government to issue a travel warning Friday for the French territory in South America.

Frenchman arrested in Belgium’s Antwerp after trying to drive into crowd

Police in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp detained a French national on Thursday after he tried to drive a car into a major pedestrian shopping street at high speed.

France's scandal-hit Fillon accuses President Hollande of media leaks

French right-wing presidential candidate Francois Fillon on Thursday accused President Francois Hollande, a Socialist, of orchestrating media leaks that have dented his image as a scandal free leader a month ahead of the key vote.

French Catholic voters remain faithful to scandal-hit Fillon

French conservative presidential candidate François Fillon is a practicing Catholic. In a book which kicked off his presidential bid, he wrote an entire chapter about his faith. But in the past weeks, Fillon’s campaign has been dogged by a string of scandals. Although this has taken its toll, many Catholic voters are standing by their champion. Our team on the ground reports from Paris and Avignon.

French politician Ségolène Royal eyes top UN post

French Environment minister Ségolène Royal is in the running to become the next head of the United Nations Development Programme.

Defections boost support for centrist presidential hopeful Macron

French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has announced his support for presidential election frontrunner Emmanuel Macron. This is a major boost for the centrist candidate, who has been increasingly backed by members of the Socialist Party.

French national abducted in Chad

A French national has been abducted in the central African nation of Chad, the French defence ministry said Thursday.

Probe into French presidential candidate Fillon widens, Putin ties revealed

French conservative presidential candidate François Fillon's legal problems deepened on Tuesday, with financial prosecutors expanding a probe into payments to his family to suspected "aggravated fraud, forgery and use of forgeries", a source said.

French interior minister resigns amid inquiry into hiring teenage daughters

French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux resign Tuesday after he was placed under preliminary investigation amid revelations that he hired his two teenage daughters as parliamentary aides with exorbitant salaries, all at the taxpayers’ expense.

French Catholic bishops accused of ‘covering-up sex abuses’

Twenty-five French bishops have been covering up scores of cases of sexual abuses by Catholic priests, French media revealed on Tuesday in a report reminiscent of the Spotlight investigation into clergy sex abuse.

French police arrest suspected suppliers of gun used in Paris Orly airport attack

French police arrested on Tuesday two individuals suspected of supplying the pellet gun used by Ziyed Ben Belgacem, the man who was shot dead at Paris's Orly airport after trying to grab the rifle of a soldier on patrol.

Le Pen, Macron go head-to-head in first French presidential TV debate

Over three-and-a-half hours of fast-paced debate on Monday evening, France’s five leading presidential candidates laid down the gauntlet for the first face-to-face showdown of this roller coaster campaign.

Orly airport attacker 'had been drinking, taking drugs', autopsy reveals

The man shot dead at Paris's Orly airport after attacking a soldier was under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time, a judicial source said Sunday.

Video: Promoting the French language in Brazil

Monday, March 20 is Journée Internationale de la Francophonie (International French Language Day) and a French high school in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a 100 percent graduation success rate is a showcase for promoting the language abroad.