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limogeage de Fleur Pellerin

Le nouveau chef de l’État, Mohammed Ben Abbes, nomme François Bayrou Premier ministre

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

"Réaction de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen à l'attentat islamiste de Nice"

"Ce gouvernement n’a aucun respect du devoir de mémoire"

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Le Pen victory in France would be 'body blow' to EU, Cameron says

Britain's former prime minister David Cameron said Saturday that a win for Marine Le Pen in France's presidential election next year would deliver a "body blow" to Europe, adding that he hoped a mainstream party would unite French voters.

France commits $30 million to protect endangered cultural heritage

France is committing $30 million toward a new fund set up to protect cultural heritage sites during times of armed conflict.

All eyes on Valls after Hollande bows out of French presidential race

Now that French President François Hollande has announced that he will not be seeking another term, all eyes are on his prime minister, Manuel Valls, ahead of the left wing’s January primary to choose a presidential candidate for 2017.

Left in limbo by the state, Paris attacks informant awaits new identity

More than a year after the Paris attacks, a Frenchwoman who risked her life to supply the security services with valuable intelligence that thwarted future attacks says she feels abandoned by the French state.

Alone and unpopular, France's Hollande throws in the towel

French President François Hollande said on Thursday he would not seek re-election next year, bowing to historically low approval ratings after a troubled term in power.

From love life scandal to terror attacks: the defining moments of Hollande's presidency

Francois Hollande's presidency has been overshadowed by an unprecedented wave of jihadist attacks, violent protests over labour reforms and revelations about his messy private life.

In surprise move, France's Hollande says he will not seek re-election

French President Francois Hollande said on Thursday he would not seek a second term in next year's presidential election, a surprise move that clears the way for an alternative left-wing candidate.

French voters urge ex-minister Taubira to join left-wing presidential primary

An online petition urging former justice minister Christiane Taubira to join France’s upcoming left-wing presidential primary has gained tens of thousands of signatures, amid fears the ruling Socialist Party is headed for an election drubbing.

Road rage on the Seine

In the heart of Paris, a three-kilometre stretch of highway-turned-promenade has become a tarmacked battleground for opposing visions of what a city should be.

Will he, won’t he? Hollande’s silence over primaries leaves Socialist Party in disarray

With just five months to go before France’s presidential elections, François Hollande has kept the country in suspense over whether he will run for a second term, throwing his Socialist Party into disarray.

Suspects under house arrest in France protest their innocence

France’s state of emergency imposed in the wake of last November’s terror attacks is still in place today. The measure gives police and state officials special powers to take action against those deemed to be a threat to national security. Those powers include the right to hold people under house arrest without the approval of a judge. But it's a move that's proved controversial, with many suspects protesting their innocence. Our team went to meet them.

Baby crazy: Why do French women have so many children?

FRENCH CONNECTIONS – Thurs. 01.12.16: French people have a reputation for being pessimistic about the future and yet they are the baby-making champions of Europe. Two main factors can explain France's exceptionally high fertility rate: a generous welfare system which gives cash allowances and tax breaks to families with children and a wide range of state-subsidized childcare options to help women get back to work.

Rwanda opens probe into role of French officials in genocide

Rwanda on Tuesday opened a formal probe into 20 French officials suspected of playing a role in the 1994 genocide which left some 800,000 dead, the prosecutor general said.

Paris attacks suspect Abdeslam refuses to speak in court, again

French investigators have tried and failed – again – to persuade Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam to talk to anti-terrorism investigators.

François Fillon: The man who took control of the French right

Former premier François Fillon won the conservative primary on Sunday to become Les Républicains’ candidate for the 2017 presidential election. A social conservative and a proponent of the free market, he is known as “France’s Margaret Thatcher”.