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limogeage de Fleur Pellerin

Le nouveau chef de l’État, Mohammed Ben Abbes, nomme François Bayrou Premier ministre

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen

"Réaction de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen à l'attentat islamiste de Nice"

"Ce gouvernement n’a aucun respect du devoir de mémoire"

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EU gives Barnier mandate for ‘very difficult’ Brexit talks

EU ministers on Monday unanimously gave Frenchman Michel Barnier the green light to start what they warned would be "very difficult" talks with Britain over its exit from the bloc.

France's new president: Can Macron keep spirit of hope alive?

France's new president, Emmanuel Macron, has been described as the torchbearer of a new politics - a politics led from the centre, in which the traditional parties of the "right" and "left" are reduced to understudy roles. But is it so simple? Will his all-stripes government actually work? And can his political movement win a majority in next month’s parliamentary elections? FRANCE 24’s Douglas Herbert puts these questions to Cécile Alduy, a professor of French studies at Stanford University.

Suspect under formal investigation for links to Champs-Élysées shooting

A man believed to be an accomplice of the gunman who killed a police officer on the Champs-Élysées in April has been remanded in custody and placed under formal investigation, a judicial source said on Saturday.

Macron, Italy's PM call for greater EU cooperation at talks in Paris

France's new President Emmanuel Macron called on Sunday for deeper European Union integration to tackle the migration crisis, saying bloc members had not paid enough heed to Italy's warnings about the growing burden.

'Europe for Dummies': Macron's cabinet picks are an overture to Brussels and Berlin

The government named by Emmanuel Macron, France’s new heart-on-his-sleeve Europhile president, once again pointedly emphasised the pride of place the European project will receive in his new administration.

France's Le Pen to run in parliamentary elections

Emerging from her crushing defeat in France's presidential contest, Marine Le Pen said Thursday she will run for a parliamentary seat in June elections and that her National Front party has "an essential role" in a new political landscape.

Are French politicians paid too much?

This week FRANCE 24 takes a closer look at France’s 577 members of parliament. Elected for 5-year terms, they split their time between the stunning Palais Bourbon in Paris and their constituencies. Though some complain that they work too hard, French lawmakers certainly receive some very good perks in return. President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to clean up politics, making it more ethical and transparent.

Cannes 2017: Runaway kids end up ‘Loveless’ in Moscow, ‘Wonderstruck’ in New York

The race for the Palme d’Or opened Thursday with tales of runaway children by US director Todd Haynes and Russia’s Andrey Zvyagintsev: one enchanting but contrived, the other a kick in the gut.

Notorious tycoon Tapie ordered to pay back over €400mn to French state

Infamous French business mogul Bernard Tapie on Thursday was ordered to return a €404 million state pay-out he was awarded back in 2008 over the disputed sale of the Adidas sportswear brand.

Macron pledges ‘profound’ EU reforms on first official visit to Berlin

President Emmanuel Macron on his first international trip as France’s president called for a "historic rebuilding" of Europe in the face of rising populism, and the risk of EU stagnation and disintegration.

Macron vows full backing for Paris Olympics as IOC visit begins

France's newly inaugurated president promised full and enthusiastic support for Paris's bid to host the 2024 Games on Sunday, as an International Olympic Committee (IOC) assessment team began a three-day inspection.

Yes, we can-can: Macron becomes president of France after handover with Hollande

Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old political neophyte, has officially become the youngest president ever elected in France and the youngest serving leader of a G7 nation.

Renault to re-open factories Monday after ransomware cyber attack

Factories of the French car-making giant Renault which had been closed by the massive cyber attack that affected 150 countries over the weekend would resume operation Monday, a representative said.

France's Macron heals rift with key ally Bayrou over parliamentary candidates

Tensions over president-elect Emmanuel Macron's bid to redraw France's political map burst into the open Friday as a key ally was briefly angered ahead of crucial parliamentary elections next month.

Former British PM Tony Blair writes open letter to Macron in Le Monde

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has penned a letter to President-elect Emmanuel Macron delineating the lessons he learned from his so-called Third Way program in the UK and outlining what he believes is the best path forward.